The Issue

Thanks for Your Help!

The Thompson Divide Coalition is and was always intended to be a time-limited, single-issue organization focused soley on the conservation of public lands in the Thompson Divide area of Garfield, Pitkin, and Gunnison Counties. As a community, we have achieved meaningful protections for this landscape and, most importantly, for the men and women who rely on these lands for their livelihoods.

The Coalition is no longer active on a day-to-day basis, and no longer employs a full-time staff, but please feel free to contact us via email ( if you have questions about the history of the Thompson Divide area or the conservation-minded outcomes of past efforts.

Our Mission

The mission of the Thompson Divide Coalition is to secure permanent protection from oil and gas development on Federal lands in the Thompson Divide area including the Thompson Creek and Four Mile Creek watersheds, as well as portions of the Muddy Basin, Coal Basin, and the headwaters of East Divide Creek.

Why We Need Longterm Conservation for the Thompson Divide Area

Our rural economies in and around the Roaring Fork Valley rely, in part, upon existing uses in the Thompson Divide area.  Collectively, hunting, fishing, ranching, and recreation in the Thompson Divide area support nearly 300 jobs and $30 million in annual economic output for our local communities.

Development in the Thompson Divide area is not a “game-changer” for Colorado’s oil and gas industry, but development in the area would seriously impact rich and vibrant rural economies built around existing uses in the Thompson Divide.







Oil and Gas Wells on Western SlopeColorado is already doing its part to supply the nation with natural gas. Garfield County, for example, has more than 10,000 active oil and gas wells and produces nearly twice as much natural gas and coal-bed methane as any other county in the state.